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Mobile Coffee Hire Menu

Outdoor event barista and mobile coffee cart hire by The Mobile Coffee Bean


Serving the best quality freshly ground mobile coffee in London and the South East

Espresso (4oz cup)
A short strong black coffee with no milk.

Macchiato (4oz cup)
Double Espresso with a dollop of milk foam.

Americano (8oz / 12oz cup)
Espresso mixed with hot water.  Served with or without milk.

Latte (8oz / 12oz cup)
Espresso blended with steamed milk.

Flat White (8oz cup)
Double Espresso blended with creamy milk.

branded mobile coffee served from our mobile coffee hire menu

An extra shot of Espresso, flavoured syrups and vegan, plant-based milk options are available.

Cappuccino (8oz / 12oz cup)
Double Espresso topped with steamed frothy milk and chocolate sprinkles.

Mocha (8oz / 12oz cup)
Espresso and chocolate, topped with frothy milk.

Hot Chocolate (8oz / 12oz cup)
A delicious creamy hot chocolate.

BambinoCino (8oz cup)
Hot cup of steamed milk with or without chocolate sprinkles.


Top quality Teapigs tea is also our speciality

Mobile Coffee Van Hire - The Mobile Coffee Bean - Teapigs tea available

English Tea (8oz / 12oz cup)

Herbal Teas (8oz / 12oz cup)

teapigs tea served from our mobile coffee hire menu
bottled water, juices and soft drinks served from our mobile coffee hire menu

Cold Drinks

For when you need something cooler

Bottled Water

Juice Drinks

Soft Drinks

Cookies, Biscotti, Wafer Biscuits

The perfect snack to complement your mobile coffee or tea

Byron Bay Cookies



byron bay cookies served from our mobile coffee hire menu

Film & TV Craft Service

We offer an excellent film and TV catering craft service.

We can cater on film sets or on location. Whether on a Hollywood movie, TV series or commercial, we can deliver exceptional freshly ground coffee, hot / cold drinks and snacks to your cast and crew.

Serving all day and / or throughout your night shoot. See how our Film and TV catering craft service can work for your production.

The-Mobile Coffee Bean on location filming craft service