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Privacy Policy

The Mobile Coffee Bean Privacy Policy


How do you collect information about me?

Our website does not use cookies, because of this we don’t collect information from you directly via our website. We only collect information from you only when you use our mobile coffee services.

What information do you collect from me?

We collect information including your name, address, telephone number/s and email address.

How do you use my data?

We only use your data when we contact you about our mobile coffee services.


We use iZettle to securely process payment information. More information about iZettle’s privacy policy –

Who has access to my information?

We use your contact information to contact you when you use our services. Therefore we do not share any information with third parties or partner companies.

Delete my data

Contact us for your data to be deleted from our records:

How can I access my information?

Contact us to find out what information we have of yours. Even if you object to it’s use or you would like to update your information:


Currently our website does not collect cookie data as a result of not having cookies installed.

Updated July 2018

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