As promotional branded coffee vans go this one, at Glastonbury festival, was striking.

EE approached us to work in partnership for the launch of their new 5G network. By providing an Espresso Bar in the recharge tent at Glastonbury 2019.

Glastonbury is always a big crowd pleaser, with a capacity of 203,000 that year! Artists included Stormzy, Kylie, Janet Jackson, The Killers, Liam Gallagher, Miley Cyrus and The Chemical Brothers, to name a few!!

It was an amazing opportunity to showcase exactly what we offer to clients when it comes to mobile coffee brand promotional tools. We knew the large scale of this event was huge and how important it was for our clients.

Our coffee vans are unique and quirky and offer the ultimate in brand opportunities. Producing 5,000 espressos over four days for visitors to the recharge stand was a challenge we gladly accepted.

A stunning full vinyl wrap of one of our coffee vans provided an eye catching back drop to the recharge stand. Prompting question after question about the new EE 5G network, whilst the espresso shots provided the instant pick me up for the festival visitors.

The Mobile Coffee Bean EE 5G promotion wrap mobile coffee van at Glastonbury The Mobile Coffee Bean EE 5G promotion pop-up coffee shop at Glastonbury The Mobile Coffee Bean EE 5G promotion barista bar at Glastonbury

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