Barista coffee! These days it isn’t just a drink. It’s a social connection, a culture, an office essential and a daily routine that you can’t live without. But just as importantly it is the ultimate promotional marketing tool.

Over many years, we at The Mobile Coffee Bean have seen just how effective a corporate coffee service can be. Café culture is developing. A coffee is no longer just something you nip out for at lunch or a ‘kick-start’ to your day. It is increasingly a key tool in creating an atmosphere for business that encourages clients, visitors and customers interact in a relaxing environment.

Before the coffee revolution, pubs and bars were the main places where meetings took place and people would conduct business. Times change and increasingly cafés have become more and more important. However, with the addition of mobile coffee these same opportunities are taking place over a flat white in the comfort of the office.


So how does a coffee service enhance your event, conference or exhibition stand?

The key point here is client engagement. For example, a barista coffee bar on an exhibition stand becomes a focal point for your customers. If it’s not only the smell of freshly ground coffee drawing a crowd. Then it’s the buzz and excitement that a professional barista experience brings.

A barista coffee stand can create a relaxing café atmosphere. It takes time to craft the perfect coffee and that time is spent with you engaging with the customer. Thus allowing you to hold the perspective client’s attention for longer. It is proven that having a barista coffee station not only dramatically increases footfall through your stand, but also the length of time spent on your stand. It creates the excitement and captures the footfall as they willingly queue for perfect hand-crafted bespoke coffee.

As a bonus to offering a product in demand, you have the opportunity to capitalise on the branding!


Capitalise on the branding

The Mobile Coffee Bean’s coffee vans and coffee bars are the perfect blank canvas to promote your brand/event. With branding on large panels on the bars, to full vinyl wraps on the coffee vans. It is a cost-effective way to maximise promotional opportunities.

Back in the day it was a leaflet (which used to end up in the bin). Now it’s a personalised branded eco-friendly coffee cup.
With full colour printed cups and an exciting chocolate powder stencil on a cappuccino your branding has a huge reach. Whether it be an exhibition hall or a street promotion that branded cup goes everywhere with your potential customer and is seen by a wider much audience.
With the social media potential of this innovation, the pictures of your cups and branded coffee vans and coffee bars will be sure to get retweets and hashtags opening your brand to the world.

With more than ten years at the high end of this service industry we have come to know that the product is key! It is vital to research the provider! This can be done by a quick look at their reviews and testimonials. We have noticed that as a brand you’ll be the one that people remember, recommend and talk about for providing an exceptional coffee.

Promotional Coffee vans

About a decade ago these wonderful Italian Piaggio ‘Ape’ coffee vans began appearing at markets and on street corners and it was the dawn of mobile coffee as we know it. People are still full of surprise and delight when they attend an event. They enjoy seeing one of our attractive machines and then get to choose their favourite coffee from a menu, even in the middle of a field.

But the true potential in a promotional coffee van is the mobile marketing it offers.

As we mentioned earlier, our promotional coffee vans can be fully branded for a multitude of high-profile names and clients. Travelling the UK and internationally, appearing at some iconic locations and events.

Promotional road shows or tours are an amazing way to promote a brand or raise customer awareness.

Maximise the events potential with a branded coffee van and branded eco-friendly cups or branded baristas serving exceptional freshly ground coffee. It will show how dedicated you as a company are in building those relationships.

We also believe that if a client is spending money on branding our mobile coffee units then they should arrive at an event ready to impress. That’s why we have the developed capability to put our coffee vans into the back of bigger vans. It’s not only impressive but an ice breaker when we arrive and drive the little Piaggio out the back, clean and shiny ready to engage and wow your client.

In nine years, there isn’t one client who hasn’t found our promotional coffee service impressive.

We have the ability to cover a different town/city anywhere in the UK or Europe on any given day. We love a promotional road show and working with the client as one big team.

After all we are specialists and world leaders in mobile promotional coffee. We take the logistics, pressure and hard work from you so you know it will run like clockwork for a stress-free event.

Get in touch to see what we can do for your brand!!

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